Singles Day

Under the pen name Tall, Dark & Digital, I blogged about digital dating and how super totally terrific it was. There was also a lot of sarcasm.

A few sample posts worth swiping right on:

< Congrats! We both swiped right! >

< Where did we meet? Um... >

< Flirtastic >


I've played tennis since I was 6 years old. I've blogged about it since I was 24 years old. All for the love of the game.

Here are three of my favorite posts:

< 7 tips on how to survive red clay >

< Where did American tennis go? >

< The name's Sock. Jack Sock. >

Back in my University of Connecticut glory days.

Back in my University of Connecticut glory days.


To highlight MOO's sustainable design values, I interviewed the founder of The Shoe That Grows, a company that makes adjustable shoes that grow as a child grows. The article was published on MOO's blog.

< An Idea with Sole >

moo the shoe that grows image