bye bye finance.png

I brutally murdered three tadpoles as a kid. And damn it, I’d do it again.

As I dangled their little tadpole legs over the hot garbage disposal, I hesitated. Looking back, I probably should’ve given that hesitation more of a chance. Maybe even act on it. But I was six years old and slightly deranged.

I eventually learned how to handle those iffy moments. So as an adult, when a career on Wall Street didn’t feel quite right, I left.

Sure, killing the tadpoles was a mistake. A fiasco. A failure. But Master Yoda once said, “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

And Yoda was wise.



I’m currently a real-life copywriter at Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Previously, I wrote at Apple and Droga5. Before that, I worked as a credit analyst at Moody’s Investors Service in New York City.